How to make a triple braid hairband

Pin up your hair but make sure the remains consist of hair than CAN still be pulled over your ear

Braid it !

Pull your hair down

Section your hair properly so that your hair falls right back to where it originally was

Pull the braid over

Attach it to another long piece of hair that is low on your head but still close to your ear

Twist it together so the braid can't fall

Pin it

Take the chunk of hair that you twisted the braid to and braid that

It's ok that the bobby pin is sticking out for now

Pull across your head

And twist and pin. For a third braid if desired, grab a new piece of hair and repeat again

Now for the sticking out piece ..

Pin another pin higher up to flatten the bump

Take out the original pin, twist hair if needed and repin.

Cover hair as desired, hairspray the crap out of your braids then the hair covering it, lightly.

BAM you're done

It should last three days if you really feel like keeping it that long.

Day two, half up

Add another braid if you're feeling like going braid crazy

Day three, one half up, or curled.

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