How to have more fun w/ tomoko fuse's origami espirals

Fold in half diagonally. Unfold.

Fold right side down along the crease you just made.

Fold left side down same way.

Turn. Fold right side up like...

This. You only need to crease from bottom point to my finger.

Fold top down same way. Crease from top to my finger.

Pinch it like so...

And fold down.

Now fold that guy over to left. Keep folding & creasing in a circle...

Keep going...

Til you can't anymore. Now you'll fold that white triangle on left back...

Like this.

Fold left side up like so & crease to my finger.

Fold right side same way.

Pinch it...

And fold that guy over. Now make three more the exact same way.

Here's my four. Untwist that long piece you spiraled.

Place two like this. You'll be going over & under w/ your four pieces and those long twisty things in the back will annoy you.

Here's the third guy tucked in there.

And here's the fourth. You'll have to lift up the little pink triangle to lay the little yellow down. Then you can put the pink one back in his place.

Fold yellow down.

Fold patterned one over to left.

Fold dark pink one up.

Fold light pink one over to right and...

Tuck him into the pocket if the yellow one.

Like this. Flip it over cuz now you gotta deal w/ the long twisty guys...

Yeah these.

Patterned one goes up.

Darker pink goes over to left.

Lighter pink goes down.

Lift patterned one up to swing yellow over to right...

Lay patterned one back down & keep going til you can't anymore. Always going counter clockwise.

Voila! You're done! Or...

You can get crazy & make two! Front side is showing on left & back side is showing on right. Glue them back to back...

For this crazy fella! Enjoy

Watch the video: How to Have More Fun W. Tomoko Fuses Origami Espirals (January 2022).