How to draw a simple and beautiful way

My props

1. First, I'll start drawing in Albastl colors (White) .

2. Draw a circle at the top of the page with white Albastl

- I did it a second paper to show you two models

3. I will start to distribute the color using my finger in a circular motion around the circle to look like the moon or the sun !

Will then as shown in the picture

4. I can draw something that I liked at the bottom of the sheet and can leave it empty

Now, I will continue drawing with water colors (black) , and Must now inundate the brush in black color and water lot .

5. I start drawing leg tree as shown , and i Will make the black water in the tree stalk a fairly large quantity .

6. I will use blowing strongly into the water on the leg of the tree from the bottom to make me twigs as in the picture .

7. I will continue to bloating and more than the amount of water and black color , to Make the twigs .

- I can also use a brush to improve the shape of the branches of the tree .

8. I'm trying to make good form of the twigs

9. Became twigs in the form of a fairly good .

10. Finally I finished drawing tree .

Hope you enjoy

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