How to make starch for ironing

This is what started my starch making. I found this helping my dad tiding up. He said it was from my grandmamas wedding.

But my grandma was borne in 1903 so it must be my great grandmamas wedding. My dad gave it to me and I decided to frame it. It needed to be starched before I framed it so it would stay flat.

1 levelled spoon full potato flour.

Mix with 1/2 c. Cold water.

Whisk in 2 c. boiling water and the mix becomes clear. I poured it into a spray bottle. If the mix is too thick add more cold water.

I wanted to try it out before spraying it on my heirlooms. Pic on the left is after ironing without starch. As you can see it works surprising well and the fabric was not too stiff.

I sprayed the starch on a piece of cotton and placed the lace bit on it. With a trembling heart I started ironing. If I ruined it I would be so mad at my self.

It did the trick. The small frame is a piece of her veil, so beautiful. The round piece is a test of her needle work. They are going on my bedroom wall no matter what my husband says.

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