How to make easy pasta with ham & pineapples

This are the things I used. You can use different brand of sour cream & sliced pineapple.

I put half of box of pasta to boils with salt for 20 minutes and drain it.

Cut ham into small squares I used half of pound because I like a lot of ham in my pasta. You can add more or less depending on your taste.

Drain juice of your sliced pineapple. You can use fresh pineapple but I prefer the can because its always sweet.

Cut pineapple into small triangles.

In mid heat add sour cream into your pasta make sure you mix the sour cream good. I used the whole container of sour cream.

Add ham and mix.

Add pine pineapple and mix.

And your done. This a quick and cheap meal. You & your family would love. Enjoy and leave any questions.

Watch the video: Hawaiian Style Pasta Salad with Ham u0026 Pineapple (January 2022).