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Radio: Radiant Walls

You're probably familiar with the comfort and effectiveness of radiant flooring, but did you know that radiant heat can also be installed in walls and ceilings?

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Like the floor-based variety, radiant walls and ceilings provide heat through panels behind the drywall or other interior finish material. In walls and ceilings, these panels are usually heated by electricity. The heat emitted by the panels in turn heats the wall and ceiling surfaces, not the surrounding air, resulting in enhanced comfort at lower air temperatures. This allows radiant systems to achieve the same level of comfort at lower thermostat settings. This fact, combined with radiant heating's quick response time and room-based controls, can translate into cost and energy savings.

Ceiling or wall radiant heating systems can usually be retrofitted with less disruption and at a lower cost than floor systems, which require ripping up and replacing an existing-and possibly expensive-floor. And depending on the panels used, radiant wall heating may need to occupy only the bottom four or so feet of wall, so installation is less intrusive. Whichever radiant route you choose, remember it will be effective only with proper insulation.

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