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What better home improvement to consider on the darkest day of the year than a sunroom addition?

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Whether you buy a glass-and-aluminum kit and assemble it yourself, or hire a contracter to custom stick-build it, a solarium can give your home a little extra space and it could save your sanity in the dark winter months.

Sunrooms, or conservatories as they were once called, need to be oriented to within 30 degrees of South. Northern exposures will be too cold and western exposures will get too hot, rendering the space unusable much of the year, so make sure you're adding on in the right direction.

Prices for sunrooms vary widely between manufacturers and builders but on average, you're looking at between $15,000 and $30,000 for a 15 x 15 addition. You'll still need a permit and codes vary in every locality. In some places, you can build right on an existing patio, but check to see what foundation work is required before you let the sun shine in.

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